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Solar Power Plants

Hybrid,On grid, and off grid solar power plants.
Government giving subsidy for these powerplants except Hybrid system. We are having 1 kilo watt to 100 kilowatt systems. Advanced Photovoltaic modules having warranty about 10 to 25 years

Inverter, UPS & Batteries

Various models for different applications like Home UPS (300 VA to 3. 5 KVA/48 Volts) Business colossal DSP sine wave (5 KVA to 100 KVA) Line interactive UPS (600 VA to 2.5 KVA) Servo Stebilaiser and Tubular batteries (60 AH to 200 AH) of leading and popular companies which have a wide range of construction expertise and vigilant services in India and Abroad.

Biogas Plants

Advanced and inexpensive portable bio gas plants in 500 and 1000 litter capacities. It can dissolve kitchen waste, flesh, vegetable and food remains easily. While putting the maximum of 3 kilogram remains may get a constant flow of fuel for burning up to 3 hours. Activity of bacteria giving enough fuel everyday,Slurry is coming out automatically in a liquid form, can be used as fertiliser diluted. Long lasting fibre tanks (FRP-Fibre Re inforcement Plastic) are manufacturing under strict supervision.

Why Go Solar ?