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About Bright Line Associates - Our Green Energy Projects

Who We Are

Power requirements of mankind are increasing manifold. Power makes it easy to do many tasks with less effort or even nil effort. Among power varieties, electricity ranks first and nowadays it is impossible to do anything without this important source of power. Preservation of power in case of power failure is also important in order to assure continuous supply of power. Power perseverance is primarily done with the help of UPS, Inverter and solar power systems. So an entity take come of this power perseverance is not only primary but also evitable, BRIGHT LINE does this primary function for industrial, business, local and rural people...

Our Vision

To provide service and aulternate energy solutions to supply electricity and heating water by using solar energy. People with different skills working together having the aim to build may truely change the Nation. Technologies was founded with the soul of making a better Nation and people's lives. Inspired by the "SUN LIHGT" which create Innovative solutions that change radically transform the concepts of sustainability. So will go together, join hands with our eco friendly projects,Please be with US.

What We Do

We are authorised to deal with V Guard, Su-kam, Hykon, Solgen, Mitva, Amaron and Exide power products like Solar power plants(Subsidy & Nonsubsidy)up to 100 kilowatts, On grid, Off grid and Hybrid solar power system, Home UPS, Solar charging unit, Street and Garden Lights, Solar Static UPS for commercial and industrial purpose, Digital UPS, Portable Biogas plants, Tubular and SMF Batteries. We authentically able to provide different bra nded products which helps the needed to solve the ongoing electricity problems.

Why Go Solar ?